Is Poly For You? Probably Not. But Possibly, Maybe…

Just as a side note, my column on The Good Men Project is primarily going to be about polyamory, relationships, sex, motivation and things like this. If you want ALL of my writing, unfiltered, this is where you need to be. If you’re not interested in my writing, well then… Uh, don’t… read it? Go away already. 

Oddly enough, ever since I started writing about my experiences with poly and my marriage’s sojourn into that lifestyle, I have bee inundated with emails and comments asking for advice and just conversation about it. I don’t really understand this, as my experience with it in the married environment has been minimal, though my experience with it in a single mode, as well as taken-but-not-married mode is extensive. I must seem like I know what I’m talking about, and I do for the most part. The parts that I don’t are usually just extensions of my personal philosophy.

However, I never realized what a journey it was when you actually make the marital commitment. (Honestly, that can be said about 90% of my married life.) But, given my poly experience outside of marriage, I suppose it gives me an outlook that translates well to the marital theater, given that the requirements are essentially the same.

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