Resentment Abound, But It’s All Good…


So, some of my writing, by my publisher was deemed as a bit too aggressive and critical of Donald Trump, as a result, I’m going to put the political and ethical shit here. I’ll write for GMP all of my poly/self-help stuff. I can’t fault them for it. They don’t want to become like the other sites and want to keep to their own agenda.

I can respect that. However, my point of view is a bit different. GMP’s very slogan is “The conversation no one else is having.” What conversation is more important than this?!?!?! There is a narcissistic in the highest political office this country has to offer, intent on rescinding years of social justice, progress and civil rights, and they want to run articles on whether not it’s ethical for men to stay at home to raise their children.

Both topics are viable, but the first is a bit more important and REQUIRES IMMEDIATE RESISTANCE.

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