Civility For Civility’s Sake

Maybe this is something that isn’t well known about me but, I’m not the kind of person that takes something lying down. I’m a fighter. Always have been, always will be. What bothers me this morning is that as of late, I have felt the need to be civil for civility’s sake. For reasons which I can’t quite fully fathom, I haven’t been rocking the boat.

Something happened yesterday (Maybe it was yesterday, I don’t know. My wife noticed it yesterday.) that really made me think that, regardless of how much I try to be civil, the people that I’m being civil to really don’t give a fuck about it anyway. So, I simply won’t be very hesitant about rocking the boat in the future. Fuck it.

I may be heavy, I may be abrasive, I may even be a bit rude (maybe more than a bit), but I have always rewarded loyalty with loyalty, and I have always given second chances to those who didn’t deserve them. Oh well, I suppose everyone could tell their tale of woe. However, in this case, the story is not mine to tell. So, in place of the airing of dirty laundry (which no one wants, myself included) I’ll simply say to the offender, “It was a fun ride, and I’m sorry you felt it had to end. Have a nice life.”

I am not a civil person, not anymore. From now on, you get from me what I feel you deserve.

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