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Welcome to Project One World[edit]

Project One World is a non-profit organization dedicated to

  1. evangelizing the manned and unmanned spaceflight programs of the United States and the rest of the world, and
  2. promoting the sciences and rational thought.

While our program is aimed at students of all ages, our message is universal; we are one world. Project One World was originally started in 2015 to address the disparity between the perception of the manned spaceflight programs, namely that the United States did not (and as of this writing still does not) have a program of their own overseen by NASA, and the reality of the manned spaceflight programs. Right now, NASA does not have the capability of sending men and women into the void of space. However, through their Commercial Crew Program, private companies are developing manned and unmanned spaceflight programs that are making strides to once again reach the stars unaided by other countries. Right now, the United States has for the most part their only spaceflight option with the Russian Soyuz program, which maintain the manning of the International Space Station, currently in low earth orbit.

Project One World stresses 4 things;

  1. the importance of STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to students
  2. the importance of spaceflight
  3. environmental awareness and preservation
  4. civil, rational discourse and a high level of activism to bring us closer together as a species and unified world culture.

These are our goals, these are our mandates. The future of the human race will settle for nothing less, or it will perish in a furnace of its own design. Already, the climate has changed to what most scientists would agree is the threshold to a runaway greenhouse effect, and if we are not capable of becoming a Level 1 civilization in relatively short order, there will not be anything of us left for future generations to even study, much less remember.